Friday, June 18, 2010

Now we just like black people

有位潮裔朋友同我講:“you Cantonese are black people in China”  我問佢邊方面我粵人似黑人?佢答我:“Cantonese is not very civilize, they are low educate and poor. They refuse to speak the same way as other Chinese, and hate their government just like the black slaves did in America.” 我話畀人奴隸就真係冇得講,不過其他果啲特徵就有啲莫名其妙。我話不如你上網查下啲相關我粵人資料睇下同你講嘅有冇出入。幾日後佢返嚟同我講:“my Mandarin friend lie to me!”  我話:“ok 啦,不過我提醒你。你果個撈頭朋友都幾歧視黑人。”